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Aspiring SOC analyst Aug21

Group mentorship program to get experience before experience

Personalised experiential program

Live session
Learning platform
Aug 2021

You’ve got aspirations, they're safe with us

Knowledge & labs

Personalised coaching from domain expert until you "get it."

Hands on experience

Practice technologies to acquire experience before experience

Career success partner

Dedicated support to source and convert interviews
Whats included

One stop stop for going from where you are to where you want to be

Lifelong access to learning activities

Video, eBooks, assessments, and a lot more accessible whenever you want it, from any device

Branded digital certificate

Get verifiable skill badges and let the world know what you've learnt. 

Community membership

Become part of inner circle for more benefits like training gigs, referral bonus and references & introductions
Have you got the chops to make it

Check your progress and know when you're ready

Guided labs

Skill in technologies that are in demand in organisations

Interview questions

Pooled in every question you'll ever face so you never face embarrassment. 

Mock sessions

Perfect your pitch by hands on career counselling. 

Pranshu Sugara

Program  manager, cyber security career expert
Hons. degree from Harvard Business School and Fellowship in entrepreneurship from Stanford GSB. 10 years experience across strategy, recruitment, operations. Mechanical engineer from IIT Madras who started career with Caterpillar (Fortune 60)
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