How to become an AI Expert: Roadmap 2020

Dec 1 / Pranshu Sugara
Congratulations on choosing the hottest career of the 21st century.

But, are you confused about what to do next?

Don't worry, these cool interactive roadmaps will help you.

We have verified these for usefulness, relevance today and acceptance by industry before sharing it with you. They will help you immensely.

First of all, what is a roadmap and why should I use it?

To build a fantastic career, roadmaps are essential to stay job relevant. They give you an idea about what options you have and what you should focus on next. Rather than taking something up just because its in fashion, a roadmap can help you be strategic about your career, so you can realize your unique career path yourself. 
"Aspiring data scientists should grow an intuitive understanding of why some approaches work better than others for a particular dataset. Trendy does not mean best suited for the job."
That's fine, but how do you use this chart?
Step 1. Potential career paths : To become a data scientist, machine learning or an AI expert, open the career charts for these over here.
Step 2. Explore the potential branches : Now delve deeper. Click on boxes at various stages in the paths in front of you and see the technologies & expertise that you need to adopt.
Step 3. See the big picture : Where do you fit in? How far are you in this journey ? Where can you go from here ?
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